December 7, 2022

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Pet of the Week: Kiki

Kiki, about 3 years old, suddenly became homeless when her caregiver needed to go into assisted living. Fortunately, the SPCA of the Triad had room to take her into its program, but as you can imagine it’s quite a change for Kiki to be in a noisy, busy shelter versus a quiet, peaceful home. Despite having her life turned upside down Kiki is gradually adjusting and her affectionate personality is emerging. She enjoys attention, petting and snuggling. Kiki does not like to be picked up, but that is true of many cats. Kiki is a gentle, non-aggressive cat and is coexisting with other cats at the rescue. So, with slow and careful introductions she might do well with another gentle and easy-going feline companion. She would be just as happy as someone’s cherished only pet. Given her gentle nature and previously quiet home environment, Kiki would not do well with an active family with children. She would be an ideal companion for a single person or couple with a quiet lifestyle. As Kiki is a longhaired cat with a thick coat, she is going to need regular, gentle brushing/combing to prevent painful tangles and matting and keep her coat in good condition. However, these grooming sessions will be a great way to bond with her! Her adoption fee is $85. For information, call 336-375-3222 or visit