January 31, 2023

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Pet dog proprietor states he would not enable his doggy be place down | Area Information

ANDERSON — Donald “Donnie” Ellis stated he remaining his home immediately after his pet killed a neighbor’s Chihuahua on Aug. 12, not out of anxiety his pet dog would be taken by authorities, but since there is a warrant for his arrest out of Anderson Metropolis Courtroom.

He mentioned he is waiting to get the warrant dismissed before conversing to Anderson Animal Command officers, but his neighbor lied about the pet assaults.

Barbara Johnson mentioned two of her canines had been killed by a a few-legged Rottweiler owned by Ellis. Johnson and Ellis are neighbors in the 500 block of Ellenhurst Travel.

She said Bailee, a 3-calendar year-aged Yorkie and dachshund mix, was killed in 2020 and Parker, a Chihuahua, was killed past week. Johnson also accuses Ellis’ pet dog of significantly injuring her miniature pinscher named Bella in 2019.

“I just can’t believe that Donnie claimed I lied,” Johnson reported.

Johnson maintains Ellis’ canine attacked and killed her canines on her home.

Tammy Holloway, who life throughout the road from the two Johnson and Ellis, said Johnson was telling the real truth. She reported Ellis’ pet killed her Chihuahua, Shiloh, in her front property though her dog was on a leash in 2017.

Holloway mentioned she is in a wheelchair and Ellis’ puppy charged her various times while she was holding Shiloh. Then he took keep of the smaller sized puppy.

“It was actually traumatic for me because he was my authorized companion,” mentioned Holloway.

She stated Ellis’ son was caring for the puppy for his father when the attack took place.

Both equally Holloway and Johnson explained they claimed the assaults to authorities, but have been informed very little could be performed. Holloway explained she witnessed Ellis’ dog attack Johnson’s dog in 2020 and witnessed most of the aftermath when Johnson’s dog was attacked last week.

Ellis denies his dog killed Holloway’s Chihuahua and blames the dying of Johnson’s doggy Bailee on a further pet he had at the time. He experienced that animal place down soon after Bailee was killed. He said Johnson’s dogs torment his puppies by barking at them.

“My pet dog only killed 1 puppy and that was the other working day,” he claimed.

Johnson reported Ellis has been advised consistently that the improper pet was ruined in 2020. She mentioned Ellis’ other pet dog grabbed Bailee at initial, but Holloway’s son ran across the avenue and kicked the pet dog, triggering it to launch Bailee and operate away.

Johnson reported Bailee was wounded by the other pet dog, but not critically. Johnson claimed the Rottweiler then grabbed Bailee and caused the injuries that eventually killed her.

“She did practically nothing improper.” Ellis explained of his Rottweiler and German Shepherd blend. “She’s protecting of my family and she was on her individual house. They are not heading to set my dog down, I can guarantee you that. I’m not likely to have her where they can get to her if it will come down to that.”

Ellis claimed no just one has heard his facet of the story, but they will fully grasp at the time he described what transpired. He explained 1st he has to have his warrant for a misdemeanor demand of driving even though suspended dismissed.

“It ain’t like I’m a felon or anything at all,” he reported. “I just missed a court docket date.”

Ellis reported he even questioned if Johnson’s very first puppy actually died, stating the vet said the pet was launched to Johnson following receiving stitches and there were no inner accidents.

“Maybe if she took greater care of her puppies none of this would have transpired,” he claimed.

Johnson claimed equally of the canine killed by Ellis’ Rottweiler are buried in her yard.

Ellis stated he also has a witness to what transpired when Parker died. He stated his brother-in-regulation was in his front yard when Johnson’s canine Parker arrived into his yard.

“Her puppies ended up chasing him,” stated Ellis. “He acts like a rough guy, but he’s a tiny terrified of puppies. I realized the dogs would not bite him, it hasn’t bitten nobody, but he didn’t know that simply because he hasn’t been out to my household that considerably.”

Ellis stated his brother-in-law ran for his entrance doorway and as he ran in, Parker followed his brother-in-regulation into his dwelling. Ellis mentioned his doggy quickly attacked the scaled-down pet.

“I got it out of her mouth simply because I heard him yell, but it finished up dying anyway,” explained Ellis.

Holloway explained she is fearful Ellis’ doggy could assault a little one and stated the dog is a threat to the neighborhood. She mentioned she does not have an understanding of why it has taken so lengthy for anything at all to be finished about the circumstance.

Kris Ockomon, director of Anderson’s Animal Manage, said there is an investigation into the dog assaults and his section is “treating this quite significantly.”

Ockomon claimed Anderson calls for all dogs to be on a leash if they are not in a restrained or fenced area, even if the animal continues to be on the person’s house. He said the selection to problem a citation for the violation is discretionary. He stressed that every single situation is distinct, but he has the authority to get possession of a pet if he feels it is harmful.

Anderson Law enforcement Division General public Info Officer Caleb McKnight said this thirty day period animal command officers are attending place criminal offense check out conferences to speak with citizens about Animal Command policies and strategies.

“I advise men and women to appear out and request those challenging inquiries,” McKnight mentioned.

He mentioned men and women can go to crime view conferences exterior of the community the place they are living in purchase to obtain the data readily available and question thoughts.

Ellis said his neighbors have lied to authorities simply because they want his puppy put down.

“My pet dog ain’t under no circumstances harm no one since then,” he said. “Ever due to the fact I set my other dog down, I maintain my doggy in my house at all times, except if I take her out back again. If I just take her out the again I put her on a cable and I stay out there. I don’t permit my pet out there by herself any longer simply because I never want nothing to come about.

“Her puppies are running wild as a result of right here all the time,” he included. “I know it seems bad and I really feel bad about it, but there is a leash regulation. She should have had her dogs on a leash.”

Ellis reported he is in the course of action of shifting out of the community, but did not say where by he prepared to transfer.