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My Pillow Pets Mr Tiger Review

My Pillow Pets Mr Tiger Review
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Stuffed animals have always been a clever gift idea since they are perfect for young children. It is hard to find a child that does not like certain animals and one of them they are going to enjoy looking at or having a toy of includes tigers. But old models of stuffed animals can be boring, meaning kids are going to want something unique and different, with My Pillow Pets being a perfect solution to that. My Pillow Pets Mr. Tiger is a unique and fun stuffed animal that can also turn into a pillow, making it a fantastic idea for a gift. Here is a basic review of the product which will help explain how it became so popular.

The most important aspect of any stuffed animal is always going to be the way it looks and the My Pillow Pets Tiger looks fantastic. They are going to have a mostly orange body with black stripes on it, and also a lighter colored face and feet. The face is white with a smile and a big black nose. There is a short tail on it, and the entire thing is made of a very soft and cuddly plush material that kids love to squeeze and play with. It stands on four legs, making it a little different than a lot of stuffed animals.

The very unique part comes from the fact that there is Velcro on the underneath body of this product. When that Velcro is attached, it stands up on all four legs and is a great stuffed animal. As soon as that Velcro is undone the My Pillow Pet Tiger falls down and instantly becomes a very comfortable pillow. These dual purposes and unique features have made it a fun item for kids to play with.

Parents love this item for a number of reasons with it being an affordable price and a very durable product on top of that list. They also love the fact that these items are machine washable if you use a gentle cycle, making it very easy to clean a stuffed animal. The only important thing that parents really need to remember is that this product is recommend for children ages three and up, meaning it might not be the best option all of the time for younger children.

With the great way it looks and the great things you can do with it, My Pillow Pets are only going to continue to grow in popularity. So if you need a unique birthday or Christmas present, or just something to give on a special occasion, this might be the perfect item for your situation.