October 2, 2023

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Mighty Paw Frisbee Review – ThatMutt.com

Mighty Paw Frisbee Review - ThatMutt.com

My puppies Rip the Lab and Remy the Weimaraner just lately examined out the new dog frisbees from Mighty Paw.

I’m sharing my suggestions as well as some suggestions from a number of of That Mutt’s readers who also examined out the frisbees.

This report is sponsored by Mighty Paw.

Mighty Paw Frisbee Evaluation

My initial effect of Mighty Paw’s frisbees was how tender they are – manufactured of nylon rather of plastic.

This would make them extra tough than a common frisbee and softer on the dog’s enamel and gums.

The plastic frisbees constantly crack appropriate absent and in some cases my pet dogs have ended up reducing themselves on those styles of affordable toys.

I also like that the frisbees come in a two pack. I have two canines and due to the fact Remy is possessive of toys, it was great they could each have just one.

Features of the Mighty Paw Frisbees

Below are some attributes Mighty Paw lists on its web page:

  • Comfortable – won’t problems tooth or gums
  • Two-pack
  • Lightweight & uncomplicated to throw
  • Floats
  • 10.5” throughout
  • Strong product
  • Fun for your doggy!
  • Pick among inexperienced or orange
  • For pet dogs and puppies of all dimensions

Test out the frisbees on Amazon Listed here

What I like about the Mighty Paw frisbee

1. The frisbees are gentle on the dog’s mouth.

This is the most significant furthermore, in my viewpoint. I do not want my dogs reducing them selves on inexpensive plastic.

My weimaraner Remy has a really hard mouth and he chomps down like insane on whichever he manages to select up.

The Mighty Paw frisbees are gentle and therefore will not slash a dog’s tongue, mouth or gums.

2. The frisbees come as a two pack.

For about $15, depending on where by you purchase, you can get two frisbees.

That’s a good deal for the top quality of these toys, and if you have two pet dogs, they can just about every have 1.

It’s also wonderful to have an further frisbee if you have a pup who does not like to convey the toy back again! (Remy)

A further reviewer stated on Amazon, “My pet is a great fetcher but does not ‘give’ so getting two frisbees is excellent.” 

Simply click in this article to perspective on Amazon

Click below to look at on MightyPaw.com

3. Light-weight – simple to toss.

I am not able to send the Mighty Paw frisbee sailing as a result of the air like I am with a firmer “disc.”

For instance, the Hyperflite Jawz discs are a brand created for the activity of disc dog.

The Mighty Paw frisbees are rather effortless to toss, even so.

I took my Lab to the park to participate in fetch with the frisbee and he received a great workout in a quick amount of time.

4. My canines imagine the Mighty Paw frisbees are excellent!

Remy and Rip each imagine Mighty Paw’s frisbees are amazing!

They get pleasure from actively playing fetch with these frisbees as well as carrying them about.

These are not intended as chew toys, so definitely you will want to put them away soon after playing fetch if you have a chewer.

Here’s what one more reviewer wrote on Amazon:

“Our lab combine certainly loves frisbees and the Mighty Paw just one is officially his new preferred! Resilient, lightweight and I individually like the lime environmentally friendly coloration! Really propose.”

Negatives of the Mighty Paw frisbees

1. Canine can’t see orange.

The frisbees appear in orange or eco-friendly.

People can place each these vivid hues effortlessly. But …

Canines simply cannot see orange.

There is a cause models make blaze orange retrieving bumpers for looking puppies. It’s so we can follow “blind” retrieves – which means, the pet ought to count on scent. I guess we could do that with the orange frisbee, too!

Human beings have a few varieties of cones in their eyes that can discover combos of pink, blue and eco-friendly, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Puppies have two sorts of cones and can only discern blue and yellow.

For this cause, I advise you go with the inexperienced frisbee as a substitute of orange.

Pet dogs are equipped to distinguish blue and yellow from inexperienced, in accordance to the American Kennel Club. This may be why canines appreciate yellow tennis balls!

My pet dogs are in a position to uncover the inexperienced frisbee just wonderful, even on environmentally friendly grass. They can also capture it in the air and find it conveniently on filth. I’m guaranteed it will be effortless for them to uncover in the snow, far too.

2. You could get rid of the orange frisbee in the h2o.

Mighty Paw says that these frisbees float in the h2o, which is terrific!

But, Mighty Paw also states these are “easy to see” and this is not the circumstance for the orange frisbee (if you are a pet).

I really do not endorse playing fetch with the orange frisbee in the water if there is any sort of present. Canines can’t see orange and it could get swept away before your pet dog finds it. Except if you want to be the a person to go immediately after it!

My canines like to play fetch in the nearby river the place there are a ton of inexperienced trees reflecting on the h2o. They had been nonetheless equipped to location the environmentally friendly frisbee but a white or neon yellow frisbee would be considerably simpler.

Another reviewer on Amazon explained his canine could place the frisbee quickly in the ocean. “The dazzling neon shade helps make it uncomplicated for my pet dog to spot.”

3. Dust clings to the product of the frisbee.

The grime clings to the nylon material. No huge deal, I suppose all my dogs’ toys will get dirty. Just preferred to level that out.

Other puppy frisbees to take into consideration

I like the value of the Mighty Paw pet frisbees. They are fairly priced, long lasting and you get two. They are my first choice if you want to go with a delicate substance.

If you’re wanting for a far more conventional “disc,” then I endorse the Hyperflite brand name. These are a bit much more costly but they are “puncture resistant” and have held up to critical abuse from my Weimaraner. These do NOT float having said that, and we dropped ours in the river.

KONG also would make an cost-effective rubber flying disc for dogs that is resilient and smooth. I cannot toss it as significantly as the Mighty Paw frisbees, but ours has held up for various decades!

The place to order Mighty Paw’s frisbee

Check out them out on Mighty Paw’s web site Below.

Or on Amazon Here.

In this article is a movie of Mighty Paw’s frisbee in action:

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=AoZRTDqEbzw

If you’ve attempted this product, permit me know your suggestions in the remarks beneath!

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