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Microsoft Flight Simulator F-14 Tomcat, Arrow II, and Halifax Stanfield Airport Get New Screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator F-14 Tomcat, Arrow II, and Halifax Stanfield Airport Get New Screenshots
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3rd-social gathering developers have introduced new assets showcasing upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Commencing with airports, we get a glance at the new rendition of Halifax Stanfield Intercontinental Airport (CYHZ) in the performs at FSimStudios and Airfield Canada.

This is coming shortly, prior to the conclude of June.

Upcoming, Just flight exposed new photos of the PA-28 Warrior II with a transient growth update.

“Model, texture and tailor made coding function is practically entire on our forthcoming PA28 Warrior II for MSFS, with flight dynamics and tailor made seems very well underway as well!”

very last, but not the very least, we get a a great deal larger sized enhancement update from DC Models, alongside new screenshots of the F-14 Tomcat, which ought to come by July.

“The Tomcat has been progressing really properly this week, as operate has began on the deeper-stage detail that I want to see in this aircraft. The perform so far has centered on the aircraft’s engines and control surfaces: the F-14 experienced a advanced arrangement of flaps, slats, spoilerons, tailerons and spoilers. All of these surfaces worked collectively with the variable-geometry wings during the flight envelope to offer the Tomcat with the higher-elevate generation that allowed it to loiter for prolonged periods on overcome air patrol, carry out supersonic intercepts of intruders, and then keep in the battle with aircraft that were actually fifty percent its dimension and excess weight.


At the moment, the aircraft is outfitted with 4-phase flaps, alongside with two-stage slats, which can function both equally underneath the pilot’s command but also quickly at particular airspeeds to keep carry for the duration of air fight manoeuvring. In addition, these are supplemented by spoilerons that deploy to increase roll-amount at combat airspeeds, whilst the flaps ( which can also deploy throughout superior-G, significant-alpha manoeuvres, are coded to be inoperable when the wings attain over and above selected angles of sweep.

The wings sweep instantly dependent on Mach when airborne, but can be over-ridden by the guide sweep manage as per the authentic aircraft. Pitch-trim was scarcely impacted by the wing sweep in the authentic plane, I was shocked to study, so we have elected to leave pitch also unaffected in this rendition of the aircraft as significantly as elevator trim is worried.


The F-14A was driven by two Pratt & Whitney TF-30 afterburning turbofans that were being not genuinely proper for the aircraft. The engines had been vulnerable to compressor stalls in sure phases of flight, and I’m delighted to report that these vulnerabilities have now been coded into the DC Designs F-14 engines. If the Tomcat is beneath 250 knots indicated and the pilot is also weighty with the rudder in either course, the inside-flip engine will endure a compressor stall. Do this in the landing stage and you are speedily heading to locate on your own in deep kim-chi. The good thing is, for individuals brief with their stick and rudder, the Tomcat can fly on a single engine. If you have the fuel, and can re-achieve altitude, the lifeless motor can be re-started. The flight assessments for this system so significantly executed on the Tomcat unveiled a both-engines-out glide pace of 250 knots with a 7-diploma nose-down perspective, yielding a descent charge of all-around 2,500ft for each minute – not lengthy to get those people engines likely if you’re at lessen degrees.

Further quirks of the motor that can possibility reduced-level stalls are improper use or failure to use inlet ramps, lateral facet-slip maneuvers with large roll premiums when supersonic, and selected substantial AoA maneuvers. To set it simply, the A model signifies a quite specific rendition of the aircraft’s flight and powerplant characteristics and will need more careful handling than other MSFS fighter jets to get the finest out of it. Regardless of all of this the real F-14A was, in the ideal arms, capable of defeating F-15s, F-18s, and even the F-16 Viper in near air-battle maneuvering, so never complain – understand to fly the aircraft…The F-14B was driven by a pair of Basic Electrical F110 engines that did not undergo compressor stalls and were a lot more potent, making 30% far more thrust throughout most of the flight envelope. These changes are also mirrored in the DC Models F-14B product, nevertheless for the time staying we’re screening only the A and then will move on to the B, as the rest of the aerodynamics were being similar.


Flight assessments have demonstrated that when the plane is pitched into substantial-alpha flight with large-rudder and/or aileron inputs, the F-14 will depart controlled flight, with a inclination to deep-stall the airframe. Spins have been performed the two flat and inverted, both equally of which display screen amplified violence as altitude is dropped. The recovery technique so significantly is to get the nose down and endeavor to continue to keep it there until airspeed recovers ( earlier mentioned 115 knots indicated ) at which point limited handle authority is regained. These stall and spin aerodynamic attributes however coincide intently with the TF-30’s compressor stall vulnerability, so just like serious daily life the pilot will have to hold a mindful eye on airspeed and AOA throughout air-combat-manoeuvring if they are to prevent a compressor stall and simultaneous spin departure, as the asymmetric thrust from only just one motor turning could render the spin unrecoverable.

The F-14 is rather straightforward to land but as with any substantial and large plane, turns in the landing configuration need to be dealt with with care to stop fast aspect-slip events. At low weights the Tomcat’s stall speeds are also remarkably lower, possibly due to the big lifting region of the fuselage, but at typical functioning weights it can be all as well simple for the significant cat to get out of handle – just the way it really should be! It’s turn out to be uncomplicated to see in screening how some Tomcats ended up shed when hoping to line up with an plane carrier – lower speed, high alpha, a boot of rudder to stay away from heading broad in the switch and instantly 1 engine’s shutting down and the pilot only has 350ft of altitude to play with and seconds to react. With the coming plane provider to MSFS, you are about to bear witness to what it was actually like to be a Tomcat pilot in the United States Navy”

Not too long ago, we released our massive job interview with head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann, who furnished a whole lot of new facts about the existing and upcoming of the sim.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is previously available for Windows 10 and Steam and will release on July 27, 2021 for Xbox Series X ad Sequence S.