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Leopard Gecko Shedding Problems – Causes & Simple Solutions

Leopard Gecko Shedding Problems – Causes & Simple Solutions
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Shedding, or the lack there of, is one of the number one problems with raising a gecko.  Many leopard gecko shedding problems have different causes and solutions but any problem with its ability to shed can be very deadly to your pet.  What are some of the causes of leopard gecko shedding problems and how do we solve these problems so our pet can shed its skin safely and without any problems? In many cases, three things that lead to problems shedding are: a lack of water or humidity, vitamin deficiency, or parasites.

The number one reason behind leopard gecko shedding problems is water, or a lack of humidity in the tank.  Having a humid hide in your pets tank will solve almost all problems related to shedding. This extra moisture helps loosen the skin of your pet.  This makes it much easier for them to properly shed without much trouble.  This is especially true in the areas around the eyes and toes.  These two areas can be major problem areas when it comes to shedding.  Any un-shed skin will cause circulation problems which could lead to loss of eye sight or even toes. If your pet does have any unwanted skin in these ares it is very important that you do not pull it off, but find ways to naturally help your Leo shed that skin.

What can you do to help your Leo when it starts to shed its skin?  Provide a moist or humid hide for it to shed in.  If that doesn’t work and there is still skin that is un-shed, you can also give your Leo a bath in warm water for about 10 minutes.  This bath should loosen and skin that could potential cause any circulation problems.

A lack of vitamins is another cause for leopard gecko shedding problems.  This can very easily be taken care of with a vitamin supplement.  Many times it is a lack of Vitamin A in a Leo’s system that can cause problems shedding their skin.  Simply administer the proper dose, as directed by a veterinarian, into your pets food or water.

Parasites are also a concern when a Leo has trouble shedding. The easiest place to check for parasites is between your pets toes. If there is any evidence of parasites, then you should take them to the veterinarian so they can prescribe that proper antibiotic for the type of parasite they have found.