October 1, 2023

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Learn how to teach your stock puppy

“Lie down. Hey, lie down,” Tim Gifford snapped at his border collie Kat. “That’ll do. That’ll do.”

Gifford, a Nebraska cattleman, trains herding canine to do the job inventory. He is a member of the Nationwide Cattledog Association and U.S. Border Collie Handler Association. He works by using his pet dogs on his cow-calf operation to collect cows, go them from pasture to pasture and kind them in an alleyway.

Gifford will share his experience multiple periods a day during Husker Harvest Days, Sept. 14-16 in Grand Island, Neb. Now in their 10th yr at the display, he and his canines will be demonstrating his tactics at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., along the north facet of Flag Road, just outside the house the show field. If you are arranging to show up at, in this article are a few takeaways to assume from his presentation:

Commence them young. If you’re getting a pet and you know they are likely to work livestock, educate them. Train them simple instructions. Extra importantly, carry youthful puppies all over the stock, Gifford suggests. It boosts awareness and ease and comfort ranges with animals.

Herd compact stock. No issue the measurement of the pet dog, if it is achievable, begin coaching with smaller livestock like sheep or youthful calves. This gives protection for the canine, while also adding to its self esteem. Moreover, as a handler, Gifford suggests it is simpler to maneuver the stock and the pet dog with smaller animals.

Get a stick. Handlers require a sorting stick to coach. Sorting sticks are tall and bendable. They offer added get to for the handler. It can be made use of to go the animals, but more importantly direct the dog.

Know the instructions. There are 5 words and phrases each and every dog handler understands:


  • “Come by” tells the puppy to move clockwise.
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  • ”Away to me” implies move counterclockwise all over the inventory.
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  • “Walk up” usually means to stroll towards the livestock, irrespective of whether sheep or cattle.
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  • “Lie down” ordinarily indicates halt and lie down.
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  • ”That’ll do” tells the puppy get the job done has finished and it need to come back to you.
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Shift your body. Combining terms with body motion through early training will help the dog have an understanding of which way to transfer. When you say “come by” and make a go to the right, the puppy sees and senses the way.

Reward normally. Gifford claims it is vital to reward the pet for the operate. In the corral or pasture, it can be just a spoken term or a light pat on the head. “It lets the canine know they are undertaking fantastic function,” he provides. And it builds a strong bond concerning handler and canine.

Gifford has a gauge to know when a herding puppy is absolutely skilled. “Ultimately, I want to get to exactly where I really do not have to be in pen to inform her wherever to go,” he describes. “I don’t have to sit in corral pens or on the gates. I want her to hear to me and know which way to go.”

Convey your dog for teaching

HHD delivers a special possibility for you to convey your puppy for Gifford and his handlers to get the job done. There will be a cost to do the job your dog and you need to sign a waiver.

If you deliver your canine, keep in mind that it have to continue to be on a leash and in the demonstration spot. No canine are permitted on the Husker Harvest Times web page.

If you are intrigued in permitting Gifford to do a very little instruction with your pet or want much more information on the demonstrations, contact him at [email protected] or simply call 308-631-0387.