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Kampala and Kasubi Tombs – The Made Purely natural Miracles

Kampala and Kasubi Tombs – The Made Purely natural Miracles
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Kampala Town is situated in Buganda Area though the current governing administration want to seclude it from Buganda could be due to political local weather in Uganda, but the true reality is beneath Buganda, geographically and historically. The City has lots of points of interest, just one of the them is Kasumbi tombs.

This is the location were fallen kings of Buganda called Kabakas are laid to relaxation. It is located in west of Kampala, Rubaga Division, it consider about 5 minutes from down town Kampala to the tombs passing by way of the recently opened freeway named the Kampala Northern Bypass. The tombs are regarded by the Baganda tribe as the important non secular centre for burial of their kings.

Four successive Kabakas (Kings) of Buganda have been buried in the same tomb property at Kasubi namely
– Mutesa 1 (1835-1884)
– Mwanga 11 (1867-1903)
– Daudi Chwa (1896-1939)
– Sir. Edward Mutesa (1924-1969)

Kasubi Tombs have a unique architecture, significant rounded thatched hut, quite wonderful and presently considered as man manufactured natural miracles of the earth, could be compared with the Egyptian Pyramids Within the tombs there are pictures of the 4 kabakas laid to relaxation rest, wonderful backcloth wall coverings, coloured weaved mats on the ground, it is so clean up and peaceful, in the corner there is taxidermy leopard. This was a pet utilised by Kabaka Mutesa 1 and the myth powering the tale is when the Kabaka Mutesa 1 died who was so near with the leopard grew to become so deserted and began turning into violent so it was set down and brought to the tombs.

Out facet the substantial tombs there are other tiny tombs thatched huts which are about 10 surrounding the significant tombs, these ended up burial sites of the kings wives but it is not regarded how lots of have been buried in them as customarily Kabakas were being regarded to be polygamists.

Outside the gates of Kasubi tombs there are no much to present such as good cafe, resort or coffee store even decent clean rooms. The closet areas are Nakulabye, Mengo or when you acquire Northern By pass highway Kasumba Sq. could be the spot to go for these lacking facilities. Kasubi tombs is really worth a stop by after you are in Uganda due to the fact it is historic and cultural.