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Jack Russell Terriers: Temperament, Lifespan, Character

Jack Russell Terriers: Temperament, Lifespan, Character
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Each month we will be shining a light on different dog breeds in our series, Dog Breed of the Month. Next up, we explore the world of the lively, inquisitive and friendly Jack Russell Terriers. Keep reading for everything you need to know about these gorgeous pups…

“Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with a big personality, known for their lively and happy character,”Bill Lambert, spokesperson for The Kennel Club, tells Country Living. “They have a lot of energy and need active exercise every day, as well as plenty of mentally-stimulating games to enjoy. They are popular family pet and will make a cheerful companion for anyone who can give them enough exercise and attention.”

jack russell

jack russell

Is the Jack Russell a good family dog?

Small, friendly dogs, Jack Russell Terriers make good family pets — and are also suitable for city-dwellers who live in apartments.

Something to remember, however, is that the pups are incredibly active. Bill adds: “Their lively temperament and endless energy means they are better suited to active owners that will have enough time to exercise them and give them enough mental stimulation too.”

What were Jack Russells bred for?

“Jack Russell Terriers have origins in the working terriers from Britain but were actually developed in Australia by British immigrants who brought dogs along to help control vermin population in their new homes,” Bill tells us.

“Since being bred in Australia in the 70s, Jack Russell Terriers became popular family pets across the world, and are now one of the most popular dog breeds to star in films!

“It must be said that the type developed in Australia has some differences from the type maintained by the Jack Russell breeders in the UK, who have retained the original type: a dog similar to the Parson Russell Terrier in proportion, but in a smaller frame.”

jack russell terrier

The Kennel Club/ Ruth Dalrymple

Are Jack Russell Terriers good for first time owners?

Small and friendly, Jack Russell Terriers are suitable for a variety of owners, including first-time dog owners. As well as being great for those in live in an apartment or a flat, they are best suited to active owners who can keep up with their boundless energy. It’s worth knowing that they need a lot of attention, so only adopt them if you are able to give them the care and time they need.

How do you calm a Jack Russell Terrier?

Full of energy, some owners may be wondering how to keep a Jack Russell Terrier calm and collected. According to Bark How, some of the ways you can calm your dog down include:

  1. Give your dog a gentle belly rub and massage
  2. Gently rub your Jack Russell’s muzzle
  3. Keep your Jack Russell away from cats, small pets and small children until they are calm
  4. Keep them away from other active and excited dogs
  5. Distract them with a treat until they have calmed down
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      Do Jack Russells like to be held?

      Yes, Jack Russell Terriers love to be held but only at the right time. According to research by Dogs Earth, Jack Russell Terriers are extremely loving and affectionate dogs when given the proper care, treatment and respect. Like other pets, if you try to cuddle Jack Russells too much they can feel irritated.

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      Can a Jack Russell stay home alone?

      A Jack Russell can stay home alone, but like every dog, this should only be for a few hours. If they are in the house for a long period of time, they may end up feeling mentally disturbed, depressed, and even sad. These pups have busy minds with heaps of energy, so they will need lots of attention. If you do have to leave the home, always ensure you leave them with a bowl of fresh water, snacks and mentally-stimulating toys to play with.

      5 things you’ve always wanted to know about Jack Russell Terriers

      1. They were originally bred in England about 300 years ago to hunt foxes
      2. These high-adrenaline dogs are incredibly strong and fast (which some owners may struggle to keep up with!)
      3. Jack Russells are incredibly loyal and love to meet new humans
      4. They have a strong desire to work
      5. Jack Russells can be vocal, however they make great watchdogs
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