October 2, 2023

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How Feng Shui Predictions Are Made for 2013

How Feng Shui Predictions Are Made for 2013

Feng Shui annual predictions come from a variety of sources. We can talk in very general terms when it comes to global predictions, or directionology as it relates to the individual house, as well as some observations specific to the person based on their own birth date.

In the Year of the Snake, it’s bound to be a good year for some people, but not necessarily those born in the Year of the Snake, such as the years 1953, 1965, 1977, or 1989. For example, we have five different types of Snake people (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal Snakes). If it sounds a bit like Chinese Astrology, that is because the two predictive arts work really well with each other. In a general way, we can say that the Year of the Snake may be even more challenging to people born in the Year of the Pig because those two signs are always in opposition to each other.

On a larger scale, we can refer to the Snake and Pig directions as being more vulnerable to accidents or mishaps in the Snake Year. When referring to any kind of map, these directions are relative to the center point, so of course there will be overlapping influences. The Snake direction is S/SE and the Pig direction is N/NW. If you did not know before, now you know that the zodiac signs relate to both time and direction!

If you were trying to locate these directions in relation to the country you live in or the state you live in, these directions would be relative to the geometric center of the country or state.

These predictions can be taken down to an individual city or in the common domain of a Feng Shui practitioner, your very house or business.

While Chinese Astrology imparts a 12 year repeating cycle inside a grander 60 year cycle, in Feng Shui we have a 9 year repeating cycle as well as 20 Year Eras. So for instance, the same annual energy which will come to your bedroom in 2013 is the same energy that resided there in 2004. If your bedroom is in the southeast, then 2013 may be more romantic encounters. The annual Five Yellow Star is residing in the center (not technically a direction) and this has many Chinese metaphysicians concerned because the 5 Yellow Star is associated with disasters and pain in the current times we live in. To have that kind of energy in the center of every structure or in the center core of every city or country, it can suggest a tendency of more upheaval, arguments, strife or accidents. And since we live in Period 8 (from 2004 until 2024), this combination of “earth” energies can also suggest a higher incidence of earthquakes or other natural phenomenon related to the earth which could include drought or landslides or anything extreme related to the earth.

The 5 Yellow Star is related to set-backs or delays and yet we can’t honestly say that everyone on the planet will be harnessed to this kind of energy with no escape. This is where the individual destiny and the individual house come into play. For example, one person may live in a house where the annual 2 star of sickness and health may be at their front door in 2013 (Southwest) and their prospects for the year may not be as good as someone whose front door welcomes the annual 8 wealth star (Northeast) in 2013. In Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School) the age of the house may still determine more of what the occupant’s experiences will be than the annual cycles. But annual cycles will act as a trigger for more dormant energies. As a theoretical example, the direction of south will be associated with a greater potential for a fire accident in 2013 and if that annual force joins an area of a floor plan already vulnerable to a fire, then the annual cycle may just be the last straw. In contrast, the annual 9 fire star could join positive energy and actually bring great fortune to someone. This is why a competent and comprehensive evaluation has to be performed, discovering the uniqueness of each property.

One aspect of uniqueness to 2013 will be that the annual “star” in each direction will match the inherent element for each of the eight basic directions. For example, the annual 1 star will be in the North in 2013. Both the 1 star and the North resonate with the water element. The annual 7 metal start will be in the west and west is inherently a “metal” type direction. What this is going to do is intensify both positive and negative influences of each direction.

Historically, these passages of time were taken so seriously that the Chinese emperors would wear robes in the color associated with the season or grander cycles of the time. My best advice for anyone really interested in their potential for the year, is to enlist the services of a highly trained astrologer, Feng Shui master or Nine Star Ki diviner to look deeper into the stars and what they have to say for you personally, transcending the superficial. Otherwise, the general predictions are just that, general.