January 31, 2023

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Gigi: the distinct but loved pig

Gigi is not your common relatives pet. That is to say, she’s a pig. 

Originally, it was Rayven Faxon who bought the relatives hog 4 years ago. But when Rayven moved out to be on her individual, her dad and mom, Heather and Paul, took above as Gigi’s major caregivers. 

The Faxons enjoy Gigi like any relatives pet, this kind of as their six canine, but she has a couple of quirks. For instance, Gigi likes to be poked with a meat fork, which causes her hair on her back to stand up. She then suggestions above onto her side. 

“And then she’ll want her belly rubbed,” stated Heather.

Gigi also does not dine on pig slop like livestock. Her food plan features fruits, veggies, and Cheerios, which she slurps up loudly correct from Heather’s hand. 

“She eats greater than we do,” Heather claimed. 

Gigi has a quite certain palate, as well. She will not take in oranges, for instance, but she will eat radishes. 

When Gigi was young, Paul mentioned, she’d run all around as playful as a puppy. Now that she’s set on a number of pounds, she’s a little bit slower. 

Rayven when designed a brief residence movie showcasing Gigi. It’s a parody of a horror film trailer. 

With ominous new music in the history, the short characteristics black and white shots of the pig’s slender eyes and puffy deal with — she normally appears a little bit like she’s scowling. There are photographs of the dogs and other spouse and children customers working away from the beloved pig. Then, the title at the conclude reads, “Gigi: We’re likely to want a greater barn.” 

A great deal to Paul’s chagrin, Gigi likes to get up in the center of the night and desire a snack. Heather reported Gigi has her “trained.” 

It doesn’t acquire significantly to get the hungry hog to lay back down, but right until she receives her morsel, she’s not allowing the Faxons get any slumber. 

“She just sits there and squawks,” Paul said. 

Pigs are acknowledged for their intelligence, and Gigi is no exception. When the hoof trimmer will come by, Gigi instantly is familiar with what is up and usually takes off running. The Faxons have to catch the fleeing pig and flip her around on her back again. Gigi puts up pretty the screaming protest about that. 

“It appears like something out of a horror movie,” Paul stated. 

Unusually, the moment she’s on her back again, she’s rather relaxed. This is some thing frequent in quite a few pigs, evidently. 

“It’s like hypnotizing a pig,” Paul stated. 

In some strategies, Gigi is like a canine. She will run to the fence when the Faxons arrive residence and she wags her tail. When she was younger, she’d rip items up. They experienced to replace some carpet due to this mischief. 

Gigi, on the other hand, is significantly cleaner than a canine. The Faxons have a doggie door into the garage where her litter box is. Heather has to continue to keep it cleanse, as Gigi will not use it if it will get as well total. The pig also sheds significantly significantly less than a dog. 

Even with some similarities, Heather stated Gigi is not much into snuggling with the puppies. For the most portion, they stay absent from each and every other. Sometimes a pair of the pet dogs try to dangle out with the spouse and children pig, and when Gigi was young, they’d lay collectively. 

As the pig has gotten more mature, Gigi has turn out to be additional possessive of Heather and does not want any dogs close to her. 

Gigi is also significantly additional territorial than your ordinary dog. She has her personal bed following to Heather’s and will almost growl at folks — such as the Faxons’ son Noah — who come close to the space. 

“That’s her minimal location,” Heather claimed. 

It’s also where by the at times shy pig will operate off to when strangers come about. 

Although Gigi can be peculiar, these behaviors turn into endearing, as everyone with an odd pet can attest. And Heather is proud to display off shots of her beloved pig on social media. 

The good thing is, pigs can are living up to 20 a long time as pets. So, it is most likely Gigi will be in the Faxon spouse and children for many years to appear.