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Franklin’s Own Black Russian Terrier Makes Second Appearance in Westminster Dog Show

Franklin’s Own Black Russian Terrier Makes Second Appearance in Westminster Dog Show
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Trogg- Showsight Magazine 2021

A six-year-old Black Russian Terrier from Franklin named Trogg is competing in the 145th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this weekend in Tarrytown, NY for the second year in a row. Only the top five dogs in each breed across the nation receive an invitation to the Westminster Dog Show, making this a highlight of Trogg’s career.

Randy and Linda Ayers, Trogg’s owners, have lived in Franklin for over 15 years, and their beloved pup has certainly made a name for himself within the community.

“We love taking Trogg out with us,” said Linda Ayers. “Whether it’s a trip to the hardware store, Home Depot or sidewalk dining at Zolo’s, everywhere we go people stop to say “hello” to Trogg. We know we can’t take him out with us if we’re in a hurry!”

Trogg’s size, cheerful personality and perfectly groomed black coat are usually what draw the attention of people passing by, but his superior showmanship is what has led to his many successes within the dog show realm.

Along with earning a second invitation to the Westminster Dog Show, Trogg is only one of 10 dogs in breed history within the United States to earn the American Kennel Club (AKC) Gold Grand Championship ranking. He is also Canine Good Citizen and Farm Dog Certified, is a two-time recipient of the Royal Canine National Championship Award of Excellence, is a recipient of the 2020 Westminster Award of Merit, multiple Working Group winner, placer and more.

“Trogg’s success in the show ring, while exceeding our expectations, is secondary to his value and importance as a member of our family,” said Randy Ayers. “He is gentle with the younger grandkids, but always up for a roughhouse session with the older ones, while always keeping a protective eye on “his” family.”

Although Trogg is often the star of the show within his house, he is not the only member of his family who can put on a quality performance; two of his offspring have also placed in the Working Group at American Kennel Club shows, making Trogg a very proud dog dad.

After he competes in the Westminster Dog Show and the Black Russian Terrier Club of America Nationals this year, Trogg will be retiring from show-life. He will enjoy the rest of his years on the family farm in Spring Hill, running around with his goat and donkey pals.

The Westminster Dog Show is underway now and coverage continues Sunday, June 13th across FOX Sports networks.

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