October 1, 2023

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Flying canines make dozens of new very best good friends in Ipswich

flying high dog show ipswich
In one level of competition, kids saw how fast they could toss a frisbee though Piazza clocked their pace with a radar gun. Most have been over 20 mph.

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by Ella Niederhelman

IPSWICH — From bouncing backflips to traveling Frisbees, these puppies were flying substantial Wednesday afternoon.

The Ipswich General public Library hosted Mike Piazza and his talented border collie’s of Flying Higher Dogs on Wednesday afternoon, August 4, at the Corridor-Haskell Property lawn.

With a crowd restricted thanks to COVID-19, Piazza carried out for 125 Ipswich citizens on the green neighboring the Hall-Haskell Home.

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Beginning the show off with the nicely regarded tune, “Who Let the Canine Out,” Piazza introduced 3 of his five distinguished border collie’s.

Oreo, at just 11 weeks old, commenced the exhibit. The pup ran towards the crowd of young children and family members, and was promptly embraced by keen viewers users.

Giulia Freehan, 7, reported her most loved element of the display was “when he confirmed us the tricks”. Even nevertheless Giulia loves all animals, her favourite performer was Mojo, as “he could do a large amount of awesome items.”

Her 5-yr-aged young sister, Marie, smiled widely about puppy Oreo, stating “he was just so sweet.”

Sage Bendle and the Dugdale spouse and children get to meet Oreo the pup.

The 3-yr-aged border collie, Mojo, amazed the audience with tips of all types, from weaving concerning Piazza’s legs to hopping atop his back. She is known as the “best trick dog around,” in accordance to Piazza.

Chaos came out upcoming. The six 12 months old introduced Frisbee tips and speed as the swiftest border collie ever clocked, at 35 mph.

The pups and Piazza provided a present dependent hugely on viewers engagement, involving the youngsters, mom and dad, and grandparents in the crowd.

By naming a smaller group of youngsters “helpers” for the show, possessing lots of eager youngsters toss Frisbees for the canine, asking and answering some issues in “Dog Trivia,” and developing a friendly, but boisterous, competition between little ones and mom and dad, Piazza made positive to require the total audience.

Mike Piazza with his some of his helpers

Families driving by the group on South Primary Avenue even slowed to get a glimpse of the flying puppies.

Sage Bendle, 9, stated the backflip was her favourite trick, as “it just appears to be so spectacular.” Sage loved seeing all the canines, and watching the exhibit with her close friends, brother, and mom, she stated.

Mom Wendy reported, “She is an animal lover,” as the two patted puppy Oreo. 

Sy and Shep Farias were in agreement that the show was a terrific offer of exciting to watch, and the dog’s trick of the backflip was fantastic. 

Additional helpers get all set to toss the Frisbee

Sy, 8, reported his favorite dog was Chaos, due to the fact “he [was] rapidly and I like to operate a whole lot.” He added that the speedy collie “reminds me of an outdated dog.”

4-year-previous Shep enjoys executing tips like Mojo, but said he is also fairly talented on the monkey bars. Although he cherished the overall display, his favourite part was “when [he] obtained to toss the Frisbee.”

Piazza says the sensation is mutual, and that undertaking for small children and family members is generally an enjoyable experience. “The pet dogs adore them.”

Piazza hopes all those leaving the clearly show “have a much better knowledge of canines,” he stated. “Just an appreciation for puppies, and the bond concerning canine and humans.”

Now, where’s that pet dog?

Piazza, a earth-report holder, many time entire world finalist, and the recent top rated K-9 Frisbee performer in the earth, commenced executing for a selection of audiences 23 yrs back. From ESPN, NESN, the NFL, NBA, MLS, slight league baseball, to faculty halftime sporting functions, Piazza and his pups are well recognised.

They have also carried out for Animal Planet, tv commercials, young children camps, faculties, church buildings, corporate features, and several fairs, which include the Topsfield Fair.

Just after the clearly show, Piazza reported he and his pups were off to take pleasure in Ipswich’s signature fried clams and seafood.

Some mother and father ended up also questioned to help with the clearly show. Nevertheless, they had to spin around a selection of moments ahead of they acquired to throw.