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Endangered and Extinct Species

Endangered and Extinct Species
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Peoples love to seeing animals, birds and other species… but their is decrement seeing in it’s species. For these activities of extincting only we are responsible humans. Day by day we are seeing that rapid extinction occur.

Extinction occur by deforestation means erasing the lots of trees which vanish the forests.If we will destroy their homes then where they go. That’s why they entered in our community and after that we also even kill them where there is no reason. They hunted due to our faults. As image captured by Google. Many green area on earth are vanish.By extinction data revealed that a rate of 100 to 1000 species lost per million per year due to human caused habital destruction and climate change. Species of wildlife is extincting 1000 times faster than humans.

Let’s talk about our National animal “Royal Bengal Tiger” is also in endangered species. In 2017 about 3600 tigers are left in India.Due to their costly selling skin and skeleton is the reason for their hunting. By selling one tiger skeleton, a poacher could make an amount equal to what some labourer would earn in 10 years.

That’s why 27 project tiger wildlife reserves in India covering an area 37,761km². Also many species that are extinct like Mammoth, Dodo. Blue Whale, Grey Whale, Asian Elephant,Snow Leopard, Indian Python are at risk to endangered. So,It is our responsibility and our work to show our generation that what we done for them.

And how we can show them that our nature make many hilarious species. So,save, conserve and protect them to extinct. By keeping them in wildlife reserves.And not destroying forests if someone lost their home and loveone’s then how they feel. Think about it.

You know that billions of animals and birds losting their homes no not nest or den but the most important place where they made this FOREST.It’s our fault that for making big flats and infrastructure we destroying many forest.For making our dream homes we vanishing their dream homes.

And it’s not too late just plant trees in your homes and in your surroundings and motivate others to plant many tress in their and in their surroundings.Organise trees motivating programmes to aware most of people to plant and save many trees as they.Take responsibility and it will give advantage to you