October 1, 2023

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Dogtown: Seamus goes to Hollywood

SHAGGY Puppy Tale Oh it’s only Tom Hanks, his robot sidekick and his Humboldt County Animal Shelter rescue puppy Seamus! Through Common Studios

We have some exciting news this week. Redwood Friends has a motion picture star! 

Just about three many years back now two canine were being uncovered on Highway 36 on a cold and snowy day. A woman border collie was down at the freeway when a kind lady spotted her and experimented with to enable her. For some motive the canine would not come in excess of and held running back up the hill. At last the female was in a position to make out a brown pet dog camouflaged up on the rocky hillside. The border collie would not depart with out him and the brown pet dog could not get down. 

Ultimately the canine equally ran back up the hill and the woman breathed a sigh of relief, considering they have been heading home. She got back again in her truck and commenced off but as before long as she rounded the corner, there they ended up! This time they were being keen to get in the truck and she loaded them up, referred to as Animal Management and headed into Hydesville to meet an officer. The canine were being then transported to the shelter. 

No proprietor arrived ahead soon after the four-day lawful hold and the canine were temperament analyzed. The female passed and was adopted practically right away. The male, now named Seamus, did not move and finally grew to become a rescue pet dog. The a lot more we labored with him, the additional we liked him. 

A few folks expressed curiosity in him but no takers until eventually the day we bought a simply call from a Hollywood trainer! She had seen his picture and was really interested. We despatched more photos and some videos and before we understood it, she was headed up to get him! 

She drove up one particular working day, we met and experienced supper and the upcoming morning she arrived to the shelter and loaded him up for the extended trip back to LA. There’s plenty extra to this tale, but I’ll help save some for another working day. 

Seamus experienced several adventures but the most significant was landing a key function in a film with Tom Hanks. We have been sworn to secrecy right until the motion picture was announced, under no circumstances anticipating the pandemic and the outcome that would have on Seamus’s film Finch. 

Lastly there is a release day, November 5 of this calendar year! In Finch, a person, a robot and a pet kind an not likely family in a submit-apocalyptic entire world as the guy tries to ensure that his beloved canine companion will be cared for just after he’s long gone. Certainly something canine-lovers can relate to.

As fascinating as this all is, the actual tale for us is that a rescue pet dog that was viewed as likely unadoptable went on to attraction every person he satisfied and designed a title for himself. 

Which of our other rescues is a diamond in the rough? The 120-pound mastiff who is a handful on a wander but can make us chortle when he goes below and over the minimal agility hurdles in the playyard? 

The canine that was dumped at the shelter (certainly, you saw that in the information) who is also loud in his kennel but handed each and every take a look at Fern could put him by way of – using toys from his mouth, currently being humped, playing tough? 

The tiny scaredy Chihuahua that will scarcely appear at the people today who arrive to fulfill her but who is a content minimal clown for us? 

Seamus’s tale retains us heading on days that we might usually be discouraged.


One particular of the canine we are at the moment functioning with is Gypsy. She is about a calendar year old and is some sort of hound blend. 

Gypsy loves other pet dogs and is a excellent player. She has not had substantially teaching and we really don’t actually know nearly anything about her track record but she is keen to find out and desires to make men and women pleased. 

One particular of her beloved games is to be in the yard with two of us and go back again and forth as we simply call her to appear. She discovered so rapidly to sit on her approach as a substitute of leaping up on us. 

She loves to be pet and is extremely warn for just about anything that will receive her some notice. She needs to continue to keep functioning on her leash manners, but we think that will continue to increase as we study additional about what motivates her. This pup is absolutely a different diamond in the tough! 

Get hold of Redwood Buddies at [email protected] or leave a message at (707) 633-8842 for additional data or to meet Gypsy.