October 1, 2023

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Do Bearded Dragons Need Water?

bearded dragon in bathtub with rubber duckies

To continue to keep your bearded dragon healthier and happy and to direct a extensive everyday living, they ought to have entry to a handful of needed goods. Some of these requirements consist of a healthy diet program, shelter, heat, mild, and other individuals. But what about h2o? Do bearded dragons will need water? Dr. Jess explains the remedy below:

bearded dragon in bathtub with rubber duckies

Do Bearded Dragons Will need Drinking water?

Bearded dragons do need drinking water for several motives.

Without having sufficient refreshing drinking water supplies, bearded dragons can fall ill and even die.

Let’s make a lot more sense out of this by outlining why bearded dragons need drinking water to continue to be healthier.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Require H2o?

Bearded dragons ought to have entry to clean water to endure for numerous motives.

Here are the most simple and essential reasons why your bearded dragon wants you to give them drinking water.

Rationale #1: Remaining Standard

Which is proper! In order for the urinary procedure and the digestive technique to transfer and purpose correctly, your bearded dragon require to have adequate water levels.

If these techniques do not have ample drinking water written content, the movement or movement of substrates inside of these tracts slows and can bring about really severe effects, even loss of life.

Rationale #2: Hydration

Just like all other animals, h2o is necessary for life.

Just about every form of cell, each and every tissue, and just about every organ should have drinking water in buy to purpose effectively and to perform jointly to assist a balanced bearded dragon’s entire body.

Your bearded dragon will have to have a specific volume of h2o each individual working day to continue to be hydrated and aid all bodily features.

How Much Drinking water Does Your Bearded Dragon Have to have?

Bearded dragons need to have among 10-30 mls (milliliters, also known as “cc’s” or cubic centimeters in health care lingo) for every kilogram of physique pounds, for every working day.

For that reason, I like to notify pet moms and dads that on common, a bearded dragon wants about 20 milliliters of clean water per kilogram of physique fat per working day. Very well, how do you know how a great deal your bearded dragon weighs?

If you beardie is young or smaller – then you can weigh them working with a kitchen area scale.

Tare or “zero out” your kitchen area scale with a clean up bowl on the scale, then meticulously location your bearded dragon in the bowl to evaluate how much the lizard weighs, earning confident that the dragon does not slide or bounce out.

If your bearded dragon is an adult, use the reference that an ordinary-sized grownup bearded dragon weighs among 400 – 500 grams (so a tiny fewer to 1/2, of just one kilogram).

So for instance, if you have a 500 gram adult bearded dragon, your dragon should be consuming all-around 10 milliliters of water just about every working day ( 20 milliliters x 1/2 kilograms = 10 milliliters).

To go a move farther, 1 teaspoon of water is somewhere around 5 milliliters in volume, so this exact same bearded dragon would want to eat all around 2 teaspoons of drinking water per day to keep hydrated (10 milliliters drinking water wanted, divided by 5 milliliters for each individual 1 teaspoon, = 2 teaspoons drinking water).

Explanation #3: Circulation

Drinking water helps make up a substantial share of the blood in the system.

A lower in the quantity of h2o in the physique and in thus, the blood, can lessen the blood strain inside the blood vessels.

This means that blood and the nutrients that are carried together with the blood cells by themselves, do not get carried to required organs properly.

Motive #4: Prevents Stones

Drinking water can assistance protect from the buildup of specific minerals that can result in complications like stone formation in your bearded dragon.

bearded dragon in a orange water bath

What Takes place If They Really do not Get Enough H2o?

Bearded dragons can become rather unwell if they do not have access to fresh and thoroughly clean water resources.

If they do not get this significantly necessary drinking water, then they can develop into dehydrated and much even worse, this kind of as kidney disorder, extreme constipation, gout, behavioral problems, dysecdysis (irregular shedding situation), and more.

Signals That A Bearded Dragon Is Dehydrated:

Below are a few signals that your bearded dragon may possibly be dehydrated and it may perhaps be time to get in touch with your veterinarian:

  • Tacky Mucous Membranes (gums): if you can safely perspective inside your bearded dragon’s mouth and there are saliva strings, or their gums feel dry or tacky / sticky to the touch, your beardie may well be dehydrated
  • Skin Tent Exam: If you incredibly carefully “tent” or pinch the skin along the bearded dragon, and the pores and skin does not instantly (inside of 1 2nd) snap again to normal (no pores and skin tent can be witnessed) after the pinch is unveiled, then your dragon may perhaps be dehydrated.
  • Sunken Eyes: If you notice that your pet’s eyes are sunken, or drawn back into the eye socket, more than normal, then this may be one more signal that your bearded dragon could be dehydrated.
  • Behavioral Improvements: If your pet is dehydrated, they a lot more than possible will knowledge some behavioral adjustments. These improvements incorporate but are not minimal to – elevated lethargy, greater hiding, lowered socializing with people, lessened having/ingesting, and so on.
  • Lowered Bowel/Urate Actions: When there is a reduce in total physique h2o, the gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract) will slow down since it demands water to appropriately propel, digest, and soak up food and vitamins and minerals by means of it. When the gut slows, the variety of bowel/urate movements will reduce.
  • Decreased Shedding: When your bearded dragon’s overall body is not performing thoroughly because of to lack of h2o, they are not likely to thoroughly drop, or they will continue to shed, just fewer regularly. If your beardie is shedding less usually, it might be a indication that they have an underlying hydration trouble.

Can Bearded Dragons Get Much too Significantly Drinking water?

It is remarkably not likely that your bearded dragon will willingly take in way too a great deal drinking water.

They are normally programed to be desert-dwellers – they like heat and dry disorders.

In point, lots of bearded dragons have a tough time drinking only from a water bowl and need other varieties of h2o access in order to get plenty of h2o in their bodies on a normal foundation.

adult bearded dragon basking on a log

How Do You Give Bearded Dragons Drinking water?

There are several approaches that a bearded dragon really should be made available h2o.

Listed here are some of the critical ways that you should really be featuring your pet h2o.

H2o Supply: Drinking Water

Just like any other pet, you really should often have refreshing, clean up water for your bearded dragon to consume from.

It is prevalent for beardie house owners to put a bowl of refreshing water in the tank with their pet.

However, some bearded dragons do not like to drink water straight from a consuming bowl.

Thus, there are a couple of other protected possibilities that you can give to your bearded dragon on prime of continually featuring bowls of refreshing h2o to them.

Other ways to offer you your bearded dragon h2o is to switch on your sink’s drinking water in a comfortable stream, and keeping your bearded dragon shut to the trickle, but not less than or in it.

Some bearded dragons acquire delight in sipping the water appropriate out of the faucet, although many others enjoy to stick their head less than the “waterfall” and sipping when under the h2o.

Other dragons like to be presented water by means of syringes, carefully making certain not to force any drinking water use, presenting h2o from the syringe idea one bead of h2o at a time.

Drinking water Resource: Misting

Your bearded dragon will possible like a decent misting a few of moments a week. They will lap up the h2o droplets 9 occasions out of 10, to enable with their hydration.

Gently mist your beardie with room-temperature drinking water ideal on their again (not hitting their face), so that modest droplets of water can be viewed on their tough pores and skin.

Be thorough not to overdue the misting – over-misting can produce a really moist surroundings, which can direct to health and fitness problems due to the fact these bearded dragons are desert animals, and really don’t do effectively in really humid environments.

Drinking water Source: Bathing

Numerous bearded dragons enjoy to bathe.

Bathing happens when a bearded dragon is made available a container of water that enables them to submerge their bodies beneath water.

Most of the time, pet dad and mom location tap water into the bath.

The bearded dragon will willingly go into the tub for a period of time.

Sometimes the beardie will acquire a drink of water through the tub, other situations they will not.

Either way, letting your beardie to bathe, offers them 1 extra solution as to how to remain hydrated (and content!).

Water Resource: Foods

Tons of the vegetable and fruit decisions that you feed your bearded dragon contain water.

That means that every time they snack on fresh produce, they are consuming a compact quantity of h2o to keep them hydrated.

Just make guaranteed that they fruits and veggies that they are snacking on are selections that are risk-free for them to consume!

What Type of H2o Can Bearded Dragons Have?

Bearded dragons can have faucet water (Divers and Mader, 2015). Faucet drinking water can be supplied for both drinking drinking water, misting drinking water, and bathing drinking water.

If your h2o is soft, acquire account of the sum of sodium in it – too significantly sodium can induce a trouble in your bearded dragon if your dragon has a healthcare issue in which their sodium consumption will have to be diminished.

Tough water can also be utilized in most lizards, together with bearded dragons.


Bearded dragons want drinking water day by day.

Not only do they want a shallow bowl of ingesting h2o – your beardie may possibly need to have extra drinking water options since not all dragons like to get their h2o from a bowl.

Other methods to give your pet water include things like misting, bathing, sink “waterfalls”, and light syringing.

If your bearded dragon does not get plenty of water, they can develop into dehydrated, which can direct to a lot of very long-phrase clinical troubles and even demise.

If you simply cannot get your bearded dragon to drink, or you think that your pet is dehydrated, call your veterinarian for much more assist!

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