October 2, 2023

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Diamond A rallies to save pregnant pig

In late July, Sonoma was buzzing about a various sort of wildlife roaming the community. The residents of Sonoma Mountain’s Diamond A subdivision ended up utilized to sharing the terrain with deer, coyotes, foxes, wild cats, squirrels and rattlesnakes.

But a drove of pigs was a different tale.

“At to start with we imagined they ended up wild pigs who somehow discovered their way to our neighborhood in research of foods or water,” said Michelle Vidro, a Diamond A neighbor.

But a check out from animal expert services decided the pigs were not feral at all. These ended up domestic, potbelly pigs, abandoned by an proprietor to fend for on their own.

Unfortunately, this circumstance is all too acquainted to area animal rescue businesses.

“Next to roosters, potbelly pigs are by considerably the animals we get the most requests to consider in,” mentioned Kaleigh Rhoads, operations supervisor at Charlie’s Acres farm animal sanctuary in Sonoma Valley. “There is a lot of misinformation about how massive these pigs will get and their requires, so they normally turn into unwelcome as they age. The bulk of this misinformation comes from breeders who assert to be advertising ‘teacup pigs,’ which actually really don’t exist. Some breeders have even gone so much as to present diet plan ideas for new pig parents that effectively malnourished them so that they remain smaller sized.”

A absence of foodstuff, a lack of water and a absence of regard for the nearby speed restrict had Diamond A people anxious for the herd’s welfare. A few of the four potbelly pigs were being caught and relocated. But one particular speedy-hoofed sow evaded seize for nearly a week.

“She’d demonstrate up at our dwelling each and every early morning at the identical time for food and water,” mentioned Teri Hansen. Two items ended up clear to Teri and her spouse, Bart Hansen. “This was not a wild pig. We could tell she’d been about farm animals by the way our horse and canines interacted with her.”

The other thing the Hansens recognized was that this tiny piggy was expecting.

The Hansens contacted Charlie’s Acres, and they worked jointly to catch the pregnant piggy. Each individual morning, mama pig would clearly show up around 6 a.m., the Hansens would simply call Charlie’s Acres, and the rescue team would appear out with treats. Following a week of this regimen, they were being ultimately equipped to coax her onto a truck and choose her to safety.

“We named her Gretel mainly because we lured her out of the woods with crumbs,” mentioned Rhoads.

As soon as Gretel settled into her new residence, she began setting up a nest. On Aug. 16, among 3 and 4 p.m., she delivered eight healthy baby pigs. Charlie’s Acres was equipped to come across sponsors for the piglets in just a single day by social media. The nonprofit welcomes donations towards the care and feeding of Gretel and her infants, as very well as for the 140 other animals living in their sanctuary.

“We have other potbelly pigs in this article who ended up bought as ‘teacup pigs’ and grew to be 150 kilos,” said Rhoads. “Even however their people beloved them, they weren’t ready to treatment for them. And when they experimented with to rehome their beloved family members pet, lots of individuals who responded to their advert expressed plans to consume them. Potbellies are smart and clean and have the probable to make terrific animals, but you actually have to do your research on their needs, and of program, adopt.”