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Check Out This Cutie Cat Getting Spoiled During A Visit To Grandma’s House

Check Out This Cutie Cat Getting Spoiled During A Visit To Grandma’s House
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Going to Grandma’s house is a delight, no matter if you’re a kid or a kitty! Just ask Big Chungus. This cutie cat just spent a couple of weeks getting spoiled by her Grandma and Grandpa.

And like grandmas love to do, she made sure to send Chungus’ mom lots of videos and pictures of her dearest grandcat having fun. Lucky for us, cat mom Kayli shared the visit to grandma’s house on TikTok, where almost three million viewers have watched Chungus getting spoiled!


Grandmas Know Best How To Spoil Their Grandcats

As a van cat, Big Chungus spends her life on the go with parents Kayli and Logan. So when she recently got a chance to rest her paws at Grandma’s for a while, she was pretty happy because nobody knows how to spoil a kitty like a grandma, as Kayli’s post entirely proves!

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Upon arrival, Chungus had to get reacquainted with the house, investigating every nook, cranny, and sink. And then, she “went to say hello to her long lost love, the water bubbler.”


“She noticed the couch was missing a dent, so she made sure to take care of that.”


The “giant rock on the countertop just for her to scratch her face on” was a surprise. But Chungus didn’t mind the addition a bit!


She did miss her parents, but with Beagle friends to play with, soft grass to roll on, and leaps to practice, Chungus filled her time with good fun. And she also learned some skills too!

“The Beagles taught her how to patiently wait for dinnertime, and she learned how to have proper manners when sitting at the table. Well mostly.”


And because Big Chungus is a good kitty, “Grandma always let her lick the spoon.”


“To show her appreciation to Grandma and Grandpa for letting her stay, she baked them a large batch of biscuits.”


And as Kayli shared, “She may be back in the van, but the dent is still in that couch.”

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Want more Big Chungus? Keep up with her van cat adventures @FastFamVan on TikTok and Instagram.

@fastfamvan she may be back in the van but the dent is still in that couch #vanlifecat #adventurecat #lifeontheroad #fyp ♬ Acoustic Guitar Stroll – Dow Brain

Feature Image: @FastFamVan/TikTok