Tiger Woods – Why? Part 3 – Missing Wiring

[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Tiger Woods. It is offered simply as a means of relating his personal numbers in his numerology chart with the events and circumstances of his life and destiny to further the understanding of numerology as a science].

In Part 1 of “Tiger Woods, Why?” we discussed the issues of love and sex as they relate to the numbers 5 and 6. In Part 2 we addressed the numbers 1, 8 and 9 as they relate to concepts of power, fame, success and ego. In this article we will explain how the numbers 7 and 8 play a major role in the concept of “missing wiring” in the Tiger Woods Saga.

In numerology there are nine basic numbers: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. These nine single ciphers represent the composite “wiring” of the individual. Each number, as a wire, manifests specific characteristics and attributes (identified as … Read more

Teaching Fitness Boxing – 5 Simple Technique Cues for Personal Trainers, Coaches and Boxing Trainers

Cues are simple, memorable and colorful words or expressions to help you teach proper technique for your boxing workouts. For example, Float Like a Butterfly. Cues are much better than technical jargon because they get the point across, on the fly. These cues will work for personal trainers and group trainers teaching boxing. They will also work for anyone holding punch mitts (focus pads) for their partner.

I – Float Like a Butterfly

What it means – For Ali, I think it meant to dance around the ring, which he did very well. However, for Fitness Boxing, it means to get up on the balls of the feet and move – whenever they are not punching.

When and Why to say it Float like a butterfly helps students get up on their toes, burn more calories and work their legs. Tell students to do this between punches and combinations … Read more

The United States-Iraq Alliance – The Lion With Eagles Wings

Basic Principles of Understanding the Events Before the Tribulation Period

Most Christians are aware of the events that have been prophesied in the book of Revelations in the Bible. They are aware for the most part that a seven year period, called the tribulation period, will occur on the Earth when extraordinary natural events will cause devastation to an extent never witnessed before. There will be constant war between world powers. Control of the world political landscape will change like hands in a poker game. It will be a time of unrivaled moral decadence and decay. Many theologians and students of biblical prophecy have done an exhaustive analysis of this period described in the book of Revelations, the most notable in the last 10 years would be Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye, the authors of the Left Behind series. What these scholars have overlooked in their analysis of the scriptures … Read more

Wildlife Sanctuaries

India has a rich and diverse wildlife in the world as 8% of world’s biodiversity lies here. A callous reality of the fast-track development of the country lies in turning one’s back when it comes to biological species. It is tremendously exasperating that animal species are on the verge of extinction today. In India we may find 2546 species of fishes, 198 species of amphibians, 423 species of mammals and 408 species of reptiles. Some of the wild animals found in India include the royal bengal tiger, Asian elephant, leopard, Asian black bear, rhinoceros, hyena, Asiatic lion, wild dog, golden jackal and many more.

These beautiful animal species in India needs to be protected as their number may pelt down in coming years. For this a dedicated space is designed to nurture the growth of these magnificent animals. National parks and wildlife sanctuaries serves the above purpose. Protection, recreation and … Read more

800 Cheetahs Are on the Prowl in Kenya

Cheetahs, along with the African lion and leopards, are some of the “Huge Cats” that are living in Kenya. Their trademark features are their noticed mild brown coat and black tearline that operates down either side of the face.

Any individual who has at any time noticed a person will often say they seem quite unhappy, an expression that will come from the visual appearance of black tears functioning from the inside corner of every single eye. There is certainly no need to have to be concerned while, they aren’t tears but a specific antiglare system that can help these animals preserve their eyes firmly on the prey in the shimmering savannah warmth.


The Ferrari of the animal earth the cheetahs are the world’s fastest animals, sleek with great traction control. It can attain speeds of up to 70 miles per hour about limited distances because of to its … Read more