October 2, 2022

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American Staffordshire terrier, the breed that killed a new child, ranks optimum for assaults in NSW

The breed of doggy that fatally mauled a new child boy in the loved ones home on the NSW Central Coast — the American Staffordshire terrier — ranks the best in the state for attacks, with nearly 900 situations noted within just 15 months.

Nevertheless, a highly regarded veterinary behavourist suggests the focus should really be on “deed not breed” and says the info does not replicate the fact.

In the early hrs of Sunday early morning, the five-7 days-outdated boy was killed by the family’s pet American Staffordshire terrier at Kariong around Gosford, an attack that has shocked the neighborhood.

The latest facts from the NSW Office of Community Government reveals that the breed regularly tops the state for the greatest quantity of doggy assaults, with 881 assaults recorded between January 2020 and March 2021.

Facts about the nature of the attacks in the data continue to be unclear, but it is considered they consist of attacks on the two human beings and animals.

In a individual incident, law enforcement claimed, the identical animal liable for killing the toddler had attacked and killed a neighbour’s dog four months ago.

Central Coastline Council verified that very last month’s assault experienced been registered, and said “the family members was endeavor a breed and temperament assessment” at council’s request.

‘Deed not breed’ must be target

Sydney-primarily based veterinary expert in animal behaviour Doctor Kersti Seksel mentioned she always took “stats like that with a grain of salt”. 

Dr Kersti Seksel is an qualified in animal conduct.(



“We are extremely concentrated on breed, but the Australian Veterinary Affiliation — for properly about a decade — has been talking about we should be on the lookout at ‘deed not breed.’

“Definitely, the much more well known the breed, the more probable the figures are going to appear like that breed is over-represented and, if you happen to be not of a breed that that is common, you are likely to be below-represented.

“But the even larger the measurement of the canine, the much better the jaws, the a lot more possible for problems. It truly is very simple.”

Physician Seksel described most of the staffys she sees as “normally nervous and nervous pet dogs” but warned “they’re probably over-bred and people today aren’t looking at their temperament as much as they should really”.

So what is her advice to mom and dad with canine and youthful youngsters?

“That indicates a single grownup for the kid and just one adult for the doggy — often.”

She insists banning breeds is not the remedy.

“We want to breed the ideal puppies for the correct temperament. We [need to] socialise them properly, instruct them manners at a youthful age and with kids — supervision.”

Central Coastline tops condition in assaults

Meanwhile, Central Coastline Council has confirmed the pet dependable for the weekend attack has been euthanased.

A bend in a street running through a quiet suburb. The road is over-shadowed by large trees.
The assault took place in this Kariong avenue near Gosford.(

ABC Central Coastline: Sofie Wainwright


The area has the maximum quantity of registered dogs in NSW, with in surplus of 100,000, and also carries on to register the greatest range of pet dog assaults on a yearly basis.

There have been a full of 321 recorded assaults on the Central Coast among January 2020 to March 2021, with 41 deemed significant attacks on men and women.

A council spokeswoman claimed that, whilst attack fees had declined in new many years, it remained a critical situation.

She mentioned council was developing a Dependable Pet Ownership Policy to “established obvious local community anticipations of pet house owners on the Central Coast”, which was expected to involve a zero-tolerance method for canine assaults, with required penalties.