October 1, 2023

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A Band’s Greatest Buddy: Tom Kiely of Client Sixty-Seven and his cat Tiffany

Guaranteed, musicians are amazing – they make great art, and they’re normally quite dope folks off-stage far too. But you know who’s way cooler than any musician? The pet of any musician.

It is a medical reality that scene animals are the top supply of nature’s serotonin reserves. Enter: A Band’s Finest Good friend, just one of the all-time finest columns from the olden days of BLUNT (back when we had been in print – bear in mind journals!?), groomed and re-skilled for the modern working day. This time all around, we have been supplied the privilege to meet Tiffany, the appropriate-hand-girl of Individual Sixty-Seven frontman Tom Kiely.

Whats your very best friend’s title?

And what do you truly simply call them?
Tiffy or Angel-Girl.

What animal is your greatest mate?
British shorthair kitten.

How did you and your most effective pal fulfill?
We brought Tiffany into our life in 2017! We experienced often desired to bring a kitten into the loved ones, and immediately after looking for months at shelters and on-line, at the previous minute we got a contact from a neighborhood breeder expressing a beautiful British shorthair female did not have a property. We could not say sure speedy more than enough, and it truly was love at initial sight!  

How would you finest explain your best friend’s character?
She has a princess complicated, which we appreciate. Incredibly sassy and demanding, when Tiffany wishes to be. But also incredibly sweet and affectionate as well. She doesn’t like becoming way too significantly away from anywhere we are when performing things close to the house. Tiffany also likes to play, and isn’t fearful to tell us when it is time to be fed! A large amount of character to be sure!

Explain to us some of the additional trying situations in your friendship with your ideal friend? 
Some of the times when she decides to jump at our doorway for meals at 3am have been a little bit difficult, mainly because we know receiving up and feeding her just encourages it! She also likes to perform-wrestle with me and I often forget about how sharp her claws are! But it is all in excellent enjoyment. 

But what keeps the friendship likely potent?
A lot of cuddles, usually speaking to each other, and hanging out every one working day!

Whats your favorite memory with your finest pal? 
Almost certainly in her very first couple of years of a kitten, and nevertheless at times now, when she jumps up on my lap to chill. It’s quite adorable. Tiffany purrs extremely loudly and it’s just so lovable. Also all the instances actively playing with her, coming up with new game titles the place she runs close to the residence like a mad demon-possessed cat – which is a good deal of exciting! 

Where by can we capture the adventures of you and your finest friend?
Stick to me on Instagram (@tomkiely__) or Twitter (@TomKiely_) for lots of Tiffany-related written content! I’ve even viewed as creating a P67 shirt with her rather deal with on it!