October 1, 2023

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4 Steps to Rearing Pigs – What Pig Farmers Need to Know

4 Steps to Rearing Pigs – What Pig Farmers Need to Know

Many farmers see rearing pigs as a very lucrative business, which is why the industry has been going on for many years. Markets are high in demand for pork and to be able to win in such competition, one must be able to rear pigs the proper way. This means he or she must know what to provide for the pigs, how to pick healthy and impressive pigs with outstanding qualities, and also how to breed these pigs for more stock in the future.

For this article, tips on rearing pigs will be enumerated and discussed for readers who are interested in becoming pig farmers.

1. The first thing that a farmer must have when rearing pigs is a large housing space for the stalls or pig pens. These pens must be roomy enough for the pigs and their future litter and should be maintained and cleaned at all times. Another important thing to remember is fencing, which should be secure enough to keep the pigs from roaming around the house on their own. You can build these stalls with hog wire and secure them with fences.

2. Next, you need to be able to seek out good pig breeders who can provide you with well-rounded pigs for breeding and selling. If you’re rearing pigs for their meat, you have to pick out breeders who are well-known for their healthy and impressive selections of pigs for slaughter. Take some time to browse through the yellow pages or visit your favorite local pig stores for referrals.

3. An important tip when rearing pigs is to know when the sows are ready to mate with the boars. You will know if it is time to mate when the vulvas of the pigs are swelling. This is a major indicator of fertility, so if you have young sows that are ready to mate, you can breed them on their first day of fertility already. Once you have sows that are older in age, you may have to start breeding the next day for a higher chance of pregnancy.

4. Feeding is a very vital part in raising pigs. Ideally, you have to feed pigs at least twice a day, but depending on the breed of the pig and the purpose of breeding them, you may have to increase the number of feeding times to speed up growth and weight gain. Always have a good supply of pig feed so that your pigs will remain healthy and plump.